Michael Berman ObituaryMichael Berman Obituary

Michael Berman, a revered political strategist and lobbyist, known for his significant impact on Washington politics, passed away on January 12 at the age of 84 after suffering a stroke.

Who was Michael Berman

Berman’s distinguished career began as an aide to Vice President Walter Mondale, where he left an enduring mark on the political landscape through his strategic insights and lobbying efforts.

Early Life and Education

Born on April 9, 1939, in Duluth, Minnesota, Michael Stewart Berman grew up in a family where his father ran a dry cleaner, and his mother was a homemaker. His connection to future folk music superstar Bob Dylan began in his youth when his parents hosted a boy from Hibbing, Minnesota, named Robert Zimmerman. They became the godparents of Bob Dylan, fostering a unique bond.

Berman graduated from the University of Minnesota in Duluth in 1960 and earned his law degree from the University of Minnesota’s law school in 1964. His political journey started when he joined Mondale’s team during President Lyndon B. Johnson’s successful campaign.

Political Career

Berman stood by Mondale’s side during Mondale’s tenure in the U.S. Senate and as Vice President under President Jimmy Carter. Following Carter’s loss to Reagan in 1980, Berman joined a Washington law firm before co-founding a lobbying firm with Kenneth Duberstein in the late 1980s.

As political divisions intensified, Berman, a believer in bipartisan compromise, expressed his concerns about the vanishing opportunities for common ground in legislative processes due to rapid news cycles.

He played a mentorship role for numerous individuals in politics and diplomacy, including Tom Nides, who later served as the U.S. ambassador to Israel. Nides, a high school senior in 1979, sought Berman’s help to have Mondale speak at his commencement, a request Berman successfully fulfilled.

Personal Life and Legacy

Michael Berman‘s personal life included a marriage to Carol Podhoretz for 42 years until she died in 2007. In 2012, he married Debbie Cowan. Surviving him are two stepsons, a stepdaughter, and two sisters.

Beyond his political roles, Berman left a lasting legacy as a member of both behind-the-scenes political operatives and well-connected lobbyists in Washington. He held influential roles during the Democratic National Conventions, shaping the narrative and tone of the events.

Berman’s dual roles as a political insider and lobbyist led him to navigate diverse issues, from assisting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s nomination process to influencing environmental regulations while advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

His 2006 book, “Living Large: A Big Man’s Ideas on Weight, Success, and Acceptance,” candidly shared his struggles with obesity and became a testament to his resilience and self-acceptance.

In his later years, Berman combined his passion for politics and dining in the newsletter “Mike’s Washington Watch,” providing not only political insights but also detailed reviews of restaurant restrooms.

Michael Berman’s impact on Washington politics and his multifaceted contributions make him a remembered figure in the annals of American political history.

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