Adele Ann Springsteen ObituaryAdele Ann Springsteen Obituary

Many people ask Is Adele Ann Springsteen still alive. In a somber announcement, the Springsteen family conveys the passing of Adele Ann Springsteen, the mother of the iconic American musician Bruce Springsteen. She reached the age of 98.

Who was Adele Ann Springsteen?

Adele Ann Zerilli stood as a beacon of strength and inspiration for her son, Bruce, who often expressed fondly the profound influence she had on his music and life. Her passion for dance and unwavering resilience, even throughout her decade-long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, left an enduring impact on those in her presence.

Short Bio/Profile:

Complete Real Name: Adele Ann Springsteen also recognized as Adele Zerilli.

Adele Ann Springsteen Age and Date of Birth: Born on May 4, 1925, in Brooklyn, New York.

Place of Birth and Place of Residence: A native of Brooklyn, New York.

Date of Death: She passed away on January 31, 2024, at the age of 98, in California.

Adele Ann Springsteen Cause of Death:

While the cause of death was not immediately disclosed, Bruce Springsteen mentioned in 2021 that his mother had been contending with Alzheimer’s disease for a decade, rendering her unable to speak or stand.

Adele Ann Springsteen Family: (Husband and Children)

She married Douglas Springsteen in 1948, and together, they raised Bruce and his two sisters in New Jersey. Adele worked as a legal secretary for several years before the family eventually moved to California. In a rare interview in 1984, Adele shared her pride in her children, expressing the uniqueness of having her kid featured in every PEOPLE magazine in town. She is survived by her son, Bruce, two daughters, Pamela and Virginia, several grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter, the daughter of Bruce’s son Sam.

Adele Ann Springsteen Education:

Unfortunately, there is limited information about her college and qualifications.

Adele Ann Springsteen Career and Accomplishments:

Adele Springsteen was a frequent attendee at her son’s concerts, often gracing the stage to dance alongside him. Bruce consistently emphasized the significance of music and dancing in his mother’s life.

Legacy and Tributes:

Despite the challenges presented by Alzheimer’s, Adele’s vibrant spirit endured. As Bruce has conveyed, “She’s 10 years into Alzheimer’s, and that’s taken a lot away from us, but the need to dance hasn’t left her.”

As we grieve the loss of Adele Ann Springsteen, we also honor the life of a woman who not only mothered “The Boss” but served as a wellspring of inspiration and fortitude for many. Her legacy lives on through the music and storytelling of her son, resonating in the hearts of those who knew her.

Our heartfelt condolences extend to Bruce Springsteen, his family, and all those who held Adele dear. May her memory serve as an enduring source of inspiration and solace for those she leaves behind.

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