Joyce Randolph ObituaryJoyce Randolph Obituary

Joyce Randolph, a seasoned stage and television actress renowned for her portrayal of the sharp-witted Trixie Norton on “The Honeymooners,” passed away at the age of 99, on January 13, 2024. As the last surviving member of the main cast, her death signifies the closing chapter of an era cherished by fans of classic TV sitcoms.

Who was Joyce Randolph

Joyce Randolph, best known for her role as Trixie Norton in “The Honeymooners,” passed away on January 13, 2024. As the last surviving member of the main cast, her death marks the end of an era for fans of the classic TV sitcom.

Full Name and Background

Born Joyce Sirola on October 21, 1924, in Detroit, Michigan, she later adopted the name Joyce Randolph. Of Finnish descent, she resided in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at the time of her passing.

Death Cause and Date of Death

Joyce Randolph passed away of natural causes at her New York City home on January 13, 2024.

Family (Parents and Siblings)

Details about Randolph’s parents are not publicly known, and her family background remains private.


Her educational background is not extensively documented.

Marriage and Family

Joyce Randolph married Richard Lincoln Charles, a wealthy marketing executive, on October 2, 1955, a day after “The Honeymooners” premiered. Richard Charles passed away in 1997. They had a son, Randolph Richard Charles, born in 1960, who pursued a career in marketing.

Career and Accomplishments

“The Honeymooners” provided a nostalgic glimpse into Brooklyn tenement life, starring Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden, Audrey Meadows as Alice, and Art Carney as Ed Norton. Randolph’s character, Trixie, served as the perfect companion to Alice, sharing moments of commiseration over their husbands’ antics. Despite the show’s popularity, Randolph received no residuals for the initial 39 episodes but later earned royalties with the discovery of “lost” episodes.

After five years with Gleason’s repertory company, Randolph shifted her focus to marriage and motherhood. Despite leaving the show, she continued to receive admiration from fans and remained a regular presence at Sardi’s bar well into her 80s.


Beyond “The Honeymooners,” Joyce Randolph’s impact extended to appearances on shows like “The Jack Benny Show.” Despite limited roles, she left an indelible mark on the television industry, becoming a beloved figure in classic TV sitcoms.

With her passing, the curtain falls on the last member of “The Honeymooners” cast, marking the conclusion of a bygone TV era. Joyce Randolph leaves behind a legacy of laughter and memorable performances, ensuring her lasting impact on the world of television.

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